1st, Aug 2021

Week in review. Week of July 25 to 31st 2021

Week in Review July 25th to 31st 2021

Well, one of the most important releases from Immigration Canada was the news that they will issue bridging work permits for those who have applied through the TR to PR program. In many of the programs if your Work Permit expires well, you are just unemployed until they chose to send you a new work permit.

This will also include applicants the right to implied status while they are awaiting the new work permit.

Even with the TR to PR helping so many apply for Permanent Residence there were so many students applying through the TR to PR program that it met the 40,000 students in no time leaving so many international students still in limbo. Hopefully Canada Immigration will come out with another surprise in the coming future

It was a busy week for immigration draws with BC, Manitoba, IEC draw, and Ontario all sending out invitations to prospective Permanent Residents.

The big question is though. “When is Immigration Canada going to resume including FSW overseas back into the Express Entry draws.?”

Well, we will see again this coming week. Wednesday will likely be Express Entry PNP. Thursday is the day we will find out if immigration Canada is changing it draws.

The Yukon Territories is having a huge growth spurt and they realize that Immigration is the only way for them to be able to meet this growth. The current Yukon PNP program is showing great success and likely will see this program being developed even further to meet this demand. Maybe they may even come out with another new program.

A huge sigh of relief for Citizens of Afghanistan is Canada and the United States launching a program to help those who assisted Canada in the fight against ISIS. Those interpreters who risked their lives to help with translation and other areas have been recognized and them and their families are being given the opportunity to Immigrate to Canada

Within Immigration itself. The Minister of Immigration has announced that Immigration Canada is overhauling the Immigration System. It certainly needs some updated. This certainly is linked to the report that was issued by the Standing Committee a few months back.

And finally. Immigration Canada has released updates on the record number of new Immigrants they invited over the last year. Although down from what they expected. Immigration Canada was very inventive with the new programs they released during the pandemic.

The best news is Canada is opening up. There is a long road ahead to truly define a new normal. Will we go back to pre-pandemic lifestyle or will have a new normal.

https://www.ghimmigrationsvcs.ca/a-week-in-review-in-canada-immigration-and-canada-news-update/ https://www.ghimmigrationsvcs.ca/cus-immigration-news/canada-introduced-new-updates-regarding-the-study-or-work-permit-applications-processed-outside-of-canada/
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