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The Federal Court of Appeal granted the appeal regarding STCA

On April 15, 2021, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada issued a statement regarding the Safe Third Country Agreement (STCA). The Federal Court of Appeal granted the appeal of the Federal Court decision so the STCA at Canadian and U.S. land ports of entry remains in effect. The statement said that the STCA was in full effect for 16 years. In the last three years, Canada has welcomed the biggest amount of refugees in the world and continues to asylum to those fleeing conflict and persecution. #STCA, #CBSA, #refugees, #asylum_seekers, #US

April 16, 2021

Canada is the best country in the world

According to the American magazine US News & World Report, Canada is the best country in the world in the ranking that compared 78 states. For the first time in the study's six-year history, Canada got first place in the world overall, overtaking the current leading country Switzerland, which has held the title since 2017. Countries were assessed on 76 different indicators, such as economic growth, openness to business, impact on the world stage, quality of life of the population, development of tourism and social sphere, culture, innovation, historical heritage, racial equality, commitment to social justice, adaptability and commitment climate goals. Canada is also considered to be a country with a good labour market, human rights and social justice. In addition, the country took first place in the ranking of countries that are considered non-corrupt and respecting property rights. #Canada, #immigration, newcomers

April 14, 2021

Canada announced that Chinese couples are rejected for immigration the most

According to an internal IRCC document, that became available to the public, Chinese couples experience the highest rejection rate. According to the report, spousal immigration applications of Chinese citizens who marry Canadian citizens experience a rejection rate of 12% for 2020. Most notably, spousal immigration where a Chinese woman marries a Canadian man has the highest success rate for approval. Whereas Chinese men marrying a Canadian wife are usually rejected by IRCC. IRCC spokesperson, Shannon Ker, said that the high refusal rate for Chinese spousal immigration applicants is based on three factors. Firstly, the foreign spouse does not have a legal identity when they are presenting documents within Canada. Secondly, the sponsor was not the prospective immigrants’ spouse or partner. Lastly, the intention of the marriage was not genuine. #IRCC, #China, #spousal_sponsorship, #family_immigration

April 14, 2021

Quebec has updated immigration info on the website

On April 8, 2021, the government of Quebec has updated details about its two permanent immigration programs and published the updated instructions on the website. Quebec Ministry of Immigration (MIFI), consolidated the data about Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) and Regular Skilled Worker Program (RSWP) under the section "Immigration programs for skilled workers". These steps are aimed at simplification of the guidelines and better awareness of prospective immigrants about all aspects of the programs. In addition, Quebec introduced section comments to gather feedback from the public. #Quebec, #MIFI, #PEQ, #RSWP

April 12, 2021