List of designated learning institutions

This gives you an almost unlimited choice of DLI throughout all of Canada. From the far eastern provinces to the far west and into the north.

Institute NameDLI CodeCityAreaDetails
Alkan Air Ltd.O259417724532WhitehorseWhitehorse 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351CarcrossCarcross Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351CarmacksCarmacks Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Dawson CityDawson City Tr’odëk Hätr’unohtän Zho Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351FaroFaro Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Haines JunctionHaines Junction Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351MayoMayo Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Old CrowOld Crow Alice Frost Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Pelly CrossingPelly Crossing Hets’edän Kú’Learning House Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Ross RiverRoss River Dene Cho Kê’endj Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351TeslinTeslin Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351Watson LakeWatson Lake Community Campus 
Yukon UniversityO19604209351WhitehorseAyamdigut Campus, Kwanlin Dun First Nation  Kenädän Ku House of Learning, Whitehorse Correctional Centre Campus 
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