Visitor Visa Extension

If a person has come to Canada on a visitor visa which is usually 6 months long maximum in duration, they may find that they would like to stay a little longer and may apply for an extension to stay.

Visitor Visa extension

During you time in Canada something may come up that you may consider staying longer while you are on a visitor’s visa. A visitor’s visa is good for 6 months in length but you can apply to have an additional amount of time added to that visa up to 6 months in duration. This extension of your visitor visa now is called a visitor record.

You would apply for a visitor’s record online or by mailing it to immigration. However, for faster processing it is better to do it online.

This in not always used for visitors you may wish to change from two other reasons

  1. A study permits to a visitor record
  2. A work permit to a visitor record

If you would like to change your status from a student permit

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