Work Permits

Canada has multiple types of work permits. There are 2 fundamentally familiar permits. Open work permit and Closed work permit.

LMIA / Work Permit

An LMIA work permit is also known as a closed or employer specific permit. This is the lease desire able of the work permits. This permit is very restrictive as it only allows you to work with the company that the LMIA is approved under.

The disadvantage of this type of permit is

  1. You are restricted to one employer.
  2. If you chose to change employers you need to get a new LMIA done
  3. If something like a business closes or a layoff you cannot just change employers.
  4. Many LMIA work permits are for C or D skill levels and make permanent immigration far more difficult.
  5. Employers have very restricted provisions in the LMIA and things like changes to a new skill level or promotion does not fall with
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