Co-Op work permit

A co-op work permit is for the student who is taking a special education program that requires them to practice what they have learned while they are getting an education here in Canada.

Co Op Work Permit

If an International student is contemplating a program in Canada that requires them to attend a Co-op internship program or work placement, they may apply for a co-op work permit.

Some International Students who are planning on pursuing a program at a DLI or Designated Learning Institute in Canada that may require them to do a mandatory work placement or internship they will have to apply for a Co-op work permit in addition to a Canadian Study Permit. This Co-op work permit is a separate work permit and is not related to the part time work permit that is issued under a Canadian Study permit. They also must be holding a valid study permit to apply for a co-op work permit.

A co-op work permit is only used essentially for the study program related to it. Any other work that a

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