A week in review in Canada Immigration and Canada news update.

This past week Canada announced they would be coming with help to those individuals who have expired COPR’s (Confirmation of Permanent Residence).

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic those individuals who were issued COPR’s in 2020 were unable to come to Canada and COPR travel must be done before expiration.

If they expire, they must reapply.

This has itself because it’s own pandemic because this is a significant number that have been pleading to the Canadian Minister of Immigration to find a solution.

Well immigration Canada and the Canadian government have announced there is relief for those individuals coming and more details will be released shortly.

However, once must note that current holders with valid COPR’s must travel before expiration now that restrictions are allowing them to do so.

Update coming soon.

Canada has also released information on employment vacancies in Canada will spike significantly in the coming months a person whom haven bee working and been suffering from burnout or dissatisfaction from current employers.

This will certainly give foreign nationals better opportunities for immigration through one of the many programs as Canadian employers scramble to fill these vacancies. Let’s keep a good eye on this because in immigration terms this could be a windfall for foreign nationals.

Canada has announced that it is creating an open work permit for those individuals under the TR to PR pathways.

Currently one of the problems with immigration programs within Canada is if process times are currently very extended.

Persons who are under certain immigration program have work visa’s that expire, they cannot work until they are accepted as a permanent resident once their current work permit expires and leaves them in limbo and jobless.

This is the case in the TR to PR program now there is relief in the works.

This also was the case from last year when students who graduated and work visa expired and they could not get the work experience they needed to fulfill immigration requirements.

Canada came out in January 2021 and gave them the chance to apply for a one time 18 months open work permit to help them meet requirements







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