22nd, Apr 2021

Preparing for Any program to Immigrate or Educate in Canada

Last week Immigration Canada announce 6 new pathways to Permanent residence in Canada and it sent a flurry of excitement to Post Grad Students in Canada and Post Grad Students on Work Permits. This is giving in Canada post grad students and workers to get PR without having a job in 0, A or B Noc’s.

I know I discussed this in my last blog but this is not what this is about. See the problem is that now all these students and workers that didn’t have their IELTS test in a real situation.

See the problem is that there are only 30,000 opening and there are far more individuals that 30,000 in Canada that will qualify for this program. So, what’s the problem. Well, the IELTS site has crashed and here we are a week later and it still is not up and running. If you could get booked before the crash you are one of the lucky ones. Now there is a scramble on how they are going to get their English test in time to make the opening of the program on May 6th.

Well, the answer to this is not likely going to happen. So, what is the problem. Well chances are if you haven’t written you test by the end of May you likely will not have even a chance to apply for this program as it will fill up quickly.

This is one of the reasons I always tell my clients or prospective clients to get the things they need for immigration as we work with them here.

By this I mean things like

  1. language tests. If they are bilingual then get both tests the benefits of having both language tests as immense. Extra points, extra job opportunities, extra programs.
  2. Education Credentials certified. This is a must and can take months to get certified so start early.
  3. Passports. Make sure you have one.
  4. Birth certificates. Make sure you have one for you and all your family members that are coming with you.
  5. Job letters. You will need past job references from jobs that are included in your application. Past job references do not have to be up to date as long as they are accurate and can be verified. Your present employment must be done when processing a immigration application.
  6. Police certificates (these are only good for a short time. So do not get them prior to applying for programs you have been accepted in but it is good to know how long it will take for you to get one. Remember any place you have lived in for more then 6 months outside of your country of birth or live in you must supply a police certificate and this can be a place you have done short visits over a period of time that will add up to 6 months or more)
  7. Students will need transcripts from high school and depending on the education they are taking they could need university and masters’ certificates.

Remember always plan ahead you have a very short time to submit all your documentation for many of the Canadian Immigration Programs and if you have a strike or some other type of disruption you may have difficulty getting the documents you need.

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