14th, Jul 2021

Pitfalls on not having your Medical Insurance as an International student

It was just reported on the news today about an International Student who came to Canada for his education was sent a $123,000 Canadian bill for medical services he received after being in the hospital for 24-days.

Wow right.

So how could this happen? Well, what happened is International Student from Uganda took ill and when to the hospital to be taken care of.

Usually this does not happen here in Canada because of our health care system allows for Canadians and Permanent Residents and individuals who are protect Refugees and a few other situations to receive standard medical care at no cost.

Well, here is the problem. As a student you have insurance when you come to Canada through the school. It is actually a really amazing policy as it covers more benefits then even our usual Provincial Medical Care does.

However, International students come to Canada and start their educational program and realize that they do not want to do this program or continue at this DLI and apply to another DLI to continue or start new studies.

Here is where the problem comes into existence. Once you leave the original DLI that you applied to Immigration Canada with and received a study permit you need to apply for a change of status and once you leave the educational program for your original school you no longer are insured for medical bills until you start at the new school.

So here you are living in a country that the cost of medical is crazy high when you don’t have insurance and most students do not realize this or if they do the think well nothing is going to happen to me in this short time between schools.

Well, this is a case where a lessoned learned is huge and now he is stuck with a $123,000.00 Medical bill that he must pay.

So, what do you need to know from this?

Well, you need to have private insurance to get you through this time where you no longer have medical insurance. It doesn’t have to be an extensive policy. Just one that will help get you through the hump in case of a medical emergency.

I would really like to know how this gentleman is going to handle this and how the and if the government will assist to deal with this bill.

Best of luck to him.

https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/international-student-shocked-by-123k-in-medical-bills-after-24-day-winnipeg-hospital-stay/ar-AAM7ERK?ocid=entnewsntp https://www.ghimmigrationsvcs.ca/cus-immigration-news/canada-updated-medical-examination-instructions-for-temporary-resident-applicants/
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