10th, Feb 2022

Humanitarian and Compassionate and education

Well, lets have a chat for students who are in Canada and educating in one of Canada educational programs with vision of Permanent Resident at the end of education and then Post Grad Work Permit.

I have calls and visits to my office often from students that have found themselves in financial distress while going through an education program under an international student study permit for Canada.

The scenario I come across the most is. I was in my education program and fell into financial hard times and couldn’t afford to complete my education so I dropped out and am looking for a way to stay here in Canada

There is an option for those students who fall into this situation.

One of the big issues is cost of education and it can be very overwhelming to international students here in Canada with educational costs being in excess of $10,000 per session and that is not including living expenses.

Many students come to Canada with plans of helping with costs through work connected to the study permit for Canada as a means of off setting the costs and relieving the pressure from family back home.

This may be a good plan but what if it still doesn’t meet the financial aid you need to support yourself or if something dramatic happens back home and family cannot support the education any further because of unforeseen happenings. Covid-19 is a great example of unexpected expenses.

Well before you decide to quit school and go underground hoping you can come up with a solution you should contact someone like myself who knows of an avenue you can’t consider through Humanitarian and compassionate applications for Immigration Canada.

Getting an open work permit that allows you to leave school for extenuating circumstances to help you work and get enough money together to continue your education is possible.

If you are in this spot don’t hide deal with it. You may be surprised of the chances of getting that help you needed.

Contact me if you find yourself there.

Gerard Haggett RCIC


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