22nd, Jun 2021

Finding the right Candidate for jobs here in Canada through Immigration from Overseas

So, what is the challenge? 

Well we are dealing here in Canada with a giant wheel with many cogs in the wheel. Mainly Immigration Canada.

Majority of Canadian employers do not have any knowledge of hiring overseas candidates to fill job vacancies here in Canada and are very nervous on doing so.

Those who have experience know it is not a short process and there are lots of regulations to jump through to get someone here.

So why bother trying to go through Immigration is a long and detailed process and this is the question?

Well there are so many individuals overseas that can offer so  much to the Canadian economy and to Canadian companies.

The skill level is very high and to have the opportunity to come here and work means a hard working, determined individual to show they have so much to offer.

Most foreign nationals are looking to get a work permit to come to Canada. Well sounds like a fairly simple process but working in the Immigration Industry you will quickly learn it is not so simple.

Finding Canadian employers who wish to try to go the LMIA (labour market impact Assessment) route, convincing a employer that it's a great way to get a employee is not always so simple.

That is why some many of the LMIA jobs are either labour intense positions. Many Canadians do not want to do these jobs and so employers have to look overseas or elsewhere to fill the badly needed positions.

So, remember this is only a small part of the Canadian work force so it is either using EE or one of the PNP programs available . Well this is totally true. Yes LMIA seems like the simplest idea but when you are well educated with a degree and lots of experience an employer will not be looking at a LMIA as a route to get you here.

Wow! really well what am I doing wrong.

Well first off most people looking at hiring persons from overseas want the most cost efficient way of getting you here. Foreign Nationals think that LMIA is the way to go.

Well may be for the foreign national it is but for the employer the expense of applying for a LMIA and getting an approval from the application is another obstacle to get over.

So what do I recommend well 

  1. every foreign national who wants to come to Canada should take a language test (if you are fluent in both English and French take both if you can)
  2. every professional should apply to get the credentials certified
  3. every trades person should look at getting the ITA (Inter Provincial Trade Certificate) number
  4. every person should have a Canadian written CV/Resume. Trust me I see hundreds of them and they are not going to even get the 4 second look an employer is usually giving a person to impress them. Canada does not allow, pictures, date of birth, religious affiliation, sex, marital status on resumes/cv's. This alone will have you tossed into the no pile.

If an employer is willing to hire and deal with all the immigration process they are looking for someone very particular.

They want a person that is on the ball and is showing besides saying I want to come to Canada. If an employer contacts me about a client and one of the things they always ask is how long is the process.

Well, if a foreign national hasn't started any of the process to come here they just look at them as not serious.

Employers are looking at giving a letter of offer international Candidate that has the means to travel to Canada. This means they are looking for someone who can qualify outside of a LMIA through Express Entry or Provincial Nominee Program or Rural and Northern Immigration Program.

For these you will need language results, credentials certified, current passport, and have finances to be able to come to Canada and establish yourselves.

I always ask a client for a resume/cv upfront along with the questions of language test and credential certified you have a big step forward when these are done.

Well, here is the biggest answer I get all the time. I don't have the money to get these done!.

Well this can sound cold but if you don't invest in yourself then nobody else will be willing to invest in you either.

So you need to find the money to have those done. If you can't afford to get those small cost future investment in yourself you certainly will not be able to afford to cover all the costs to come to Canada.

I know that seems cold but investing  in your own future is something you really must do to get yourself on the way to success.

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