8th, Nov 2021

Everything about Student Work Permit in Canada!

International students can also get a student work permit in Canada during their study visa validity. It needs some requirements to get your work permit along with the study process in Canada. Some of these are:
  • One should hold a valid study permit in Canada.
  • Good academic standing is also essential.
  • The person should be studying in vocational, academic, professional training that leads to the diploma, degree, and certificate.
  • Studies must be over 6 months in duration and must be equivalent to a 1 year of study to be able to get both a study permit and be able to work.
  • A study permit also allows the student to work 20 hours per week off campus and full time on campus.
If any students fail to meet these criteria can create a serious issue to get their Canadian work permit. Types of Student Work Permit in Canada! Foreign students with their valid study permit in Canada, have several options for work in Canada. A work permit does not require for all jobs. Generally, the off-campus job requires a work permit. Different types of work permit options for Canadian students are:
  • Off-campus work permit
Off campus work is 20 hours and they can work during the duration of studies. However if they are in a private education program they may not qualify for a Post grad study permit because at this time only public institutions qualify Also they can work for any employer while they study because the study permit is includes a open work permit.
  • On-campus work permit
An international student with full-time study permits does not require a Canadian work permit for their on-campus work.
  • Co-op program and internship work permit 
If student is in a co-op program they will receive a work permit to get work experience that is a part of the education program but they must apply to have a open work permit to work outside of the co-op program.
  • Work permit for students’ spouse 
The spouse of the student may apply for a open work permit which will be equivalent to length of time the student is given on their study permit. However, after studies the spouse will only be able to get an open work permit if the student who is now on a post grad permit is in a job that meets a noc 0, A or B and would require a job offer and a lmia to get a work permit if the student has a Noc C or D job.
  • Postgraduate work permit 
Students who graduated from a program of the academy not less than eight-month ago can qualify for the post-graduate work permit. Mostly, your Canadian work permit will be valid for the duration of your study permit in Canada. Canada wants to facilitate the integration of international students into the society of Canada. Therefore you can get various options if you are seeking a student work permit in Canada.  It is not easy for students to seek authorization for work along with a valid study permit. To obtain permission, they also need to be eligible for several residency programs in this country. Who Is Not Eligible For Off-Campus Work? You cannot work off-campus without the work permit if you are:
  • Studying French or English as the second language
  • Taking general courses or courses of another study program
  • Exchange or visiting students who have no degrees from the Canadian host school.
 Key Benefits Of Student Work Permit  You can get several benefits with this process, such as:
  • Working with studying helps students to take any study loan. If they do not take any loan, they can also spend it on extra income or even manage several financial plans.
  • Management of study and work both can increase time management capacity within them.
  •  Students can get the professional experience that undoubtedly helps them for future professional life.
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