6th, May 2021

Do you qualify for Express Entry or any of the PNP programs in Canada

Do you qualify for Express Entry? Do you qualify for PNP or any other of the 80 plus Canadian Immigration Programs?

This is a question that anyone who would like to immigrate to Canada askes themselves.

Let’s look into Express Entry first. Express Entry is a system it is not a program and it is not to be taken as a system that makes it quick to enter Canada. Express means Expression of interest. This means you build a profile built on the requirements in the system. This means that you are showing interest in coming to Canada under a program and you have submitted a profile to show this interest.

Now there are key components to the system that are needed to be able to build a profile or even to find out if you qualify. 

The biggest obstacle I come across probably 95% of the time is language results. Without language test like IELTS for English or TEF for French you will never be even able to submit a profile. There are things you certainly already know like your age, your education, your work experience, if you married or single if you have family here in Canada or close friends. These are all basic questions you can answer quickly but Language is a requirement to get your score.

I know it can be difficult at times maybe for financial reasons or even because it is difficult to get to a location where it is offered. The problem is you will have to do it before you can move forward.

Education Credentials are also a very important part of the express entry program. Now remember you don’t need to have the certified before you are able to build a profile but if you do qualify you will need to get them done there is now way around that.

So, here is the point I am getting at. If you have a language test complete and have the results, what do you do?

Well, you go onto the immigration Canada website and look up express entry and answer the questions and see if you qualify or you look at the CRS points and try to figure out how many points you have and then you walk away because you do not know if you are right or not.

Well, my website has taken away the guess work click on the link and you can enter the information and find out if you qualify for express entry, it’s that easy. It doesn’t cost you 1 single dollar to fill out the assessment. Now this can even be better for you. If you have fille out the assessment with all the information is asks you then you have the option to find out what other program you do qualify for like Provincial Nomination Programs or Language programs like the Francophone Mobility program its your choice it also has tips for you on how you can improve your score.

Go ahead. Visit www.ghimmigrationsvcs.ca and click on the self-assessment link.  Don’t worry nobody is going to call you or send you a whole lot of spam. Most you will get is a email from me telling you if you need any help or information then just reply to the message and I will contact you further.

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