6th, Jan 2024

Sudbury considered 28 applications under the RNIP

At the recent Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) conference, a panel explored Canada's standing in the Indian student market in a session titled "Recalibrating Institutional Strategies for India."

The session featured a fresh agent survey and expert insights. The survey revealed a hopeful outlook for Indian outbound to Canada despite the current diplomatic crisis.

However, 61% of agents predicted a "slightly negative impact," while 30% expected a "significant negative impact."

A decrease in Canadian diplomatic staff in India has influenced visa processing and outreach activities. The survey also indicated a student preference shift from Canada to Australia and the UK. The panel recommended enhancing communication efforts to counteract this trend.

Indian students accounted for approximately 40% of Canada's total foreign enrolment in 2022. The panel emphasized the importance of diversifying student intake, managing risk, and enhancing student support services.

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