21st, Jan 2022

African countries are more likely to face racism in a visa application

This has been an issue I have been very vocal on and have always believed this is the case not just in certain parts of Africa, I have seen this with African individuals landing in Canada and going through the CBSA.

In a area where racism is totally unacceptable this should be scrutinized by Immigration Canada officials. All potential CBSA and Immigration Officers should have to go through additional vetting to help minimize this type of issue.

According to the “IRCC Anti-Racism Employee Focus Groups” Final Report, applicants’ country of citizenship may impact the approval of an application.

The approval rate of temporary resident visas, study permits, and work permits is higher in certain countries than in others.

The approval rate for the citizens of African countries has been lower than other regions for several years.

the report does not deny that IRCC employees often treat applications from Africans with more scrutiny than applications from other countries.

#Racism, #approvalrates, #Africas, #IRCC, #antiracism


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