17th, Jan 2024

Conservative Party plans to link immigration levels with home construction rates

Pierre Poilievre, a conservative politician, plans to match Canada's immigration with housing construction if he wins the election.

He has pointed out that Sean Fraser, the Liberal Party’s housing minister, has increased immigration without providing enough housing.

Poilievre suggests welcoming immigrants based on Canada's ability to provide housing, jobs, and support. Interestingly, despite having nearly double the population compared to 50 years ago, Canada finished fewer homes in 2022 than in 1972.

It is worth noting that Poilievre has not given a clear position on targets for permanent residents or temporary newcomers.

As of October 1, Canada, with 455,000 new permanent residents and over 800,000 non-permanent residents, has a growth rate of 3.2%, which is the highest among G7 nations, including China and India.

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