8th, Nov 2021

7 Must-Have Necessities You Should Ought for Tourist Visa Canada

Canada is renowned as an immigration-friendly country. Besides this, it has amazing scenic beauty that attracts tourists from all over the world. Thousands of people every year travel to Canada to explore its beauty including historical monuments, natural wonders, and assorted cultures. Tourist and visitor visa’s are one of the most difficult visa’s to attain and should be done by a professional to give the best chance of approval. But oftentimes, some applicants are turned down because of incomplete applications and insufficient or erroneous paperwork. Are you planning to visit Canada? Then you surely looking for a firm to prepare tourist visa Canada. Isn’t it? If so, you must take care of the following requirements for being qualified to obtain a tourist visa.
  • Zero criminal record
  • Optimal health
  • Evidence of ample bank balance
  • Proof of employment, family, and financial resources
  • Valid passport
  • Flight schedule and round-trip ticket

What Are the Important Documents to Carry to Apply for a Canada Tourist Visa?

If you meet all of the conditions given above, you are eligible to apply for a tourist visa. Here, now in this blog, we are going to disclose to you the most important documents which you require for a Canada visit. Let’s keep your eyes on the details below:

1.     Photographs

Minimum two copies of photographs are obliged to appeal for a Canada tourist visa.

2.     Genuine Passport Details

The passport is the most significant piece of documentation you'll need when visiting Canada. You should bring the original documentation of your passport with you while visiting the nation. On the other, when you are going to prepare for your tourist visa, you must carry the following details:
  • Number of your passport
  • Both the issue date and the expiry date of your passport
  • Some of your personal data include your name, DOB, birthplace, and photographs.

3.     Invitation Letter

The significance of this letter varies depending on your reason for visiting Canada. For example, this letter only will be applicable if you are going to travel the nation for visiting your friend or family members, who stay in Canada. In this case, you'll need to write them an invitation letter and get confirmation from them.

4.     Declaration Letter

You need a declaration letter copy to be elected as a tourist of Canada. Declaration letters are basically the cover letter that you require to write to the Canadian Govt. to explain why you’re traveling to Canada.

5.     Agenda for Travel

Travel agenda is another essential document that you should have for availing of a Canada tourist visa. The travel itinerary incorporates the whole trip plan along with the flight tickets. Here you require to provide detailed information of your trip plan like where you are going to visit, what will be your route, etc.  

6.     Proof of Financial Status

To travel in Canada or obtain a tourist visa, you must provide strong financial documentation, which is often evidence that you can visit Canada on your own dime. Here are the details that you require to submit for applying for a tourist visa in Canada.
  • Income evidence
  • Financial support evidence
  • Tax filling evidence at least for the recent three months
  • Bank statement
  • Other necessary documents like FDs, PPFs, property, shares, etc.

7.     Proof Documentation of Employment and Property Details

As Canada is an immigration-friendly country, countless people planning to relocate to the nation. For that reason, when you are applying for a tourist visa in Canada, you must provide the details of these two pieces of documentation proof. Such as:


When you are applying for a tourist visa, you are required to show the documentation proof of your employment. It asserts that you have a permanent job in your country, you will return to your work after exploring the beauty of the nation.

Property Details:

This detail is used in the same way as the employment detail is. This information also claims that you have a permanent address in your country and will come back again after visiting a few days in Canada. Finally, those are the seven most necessary documents to have with you while applying for a tourist visa Canada. Never forget to bring any single item. You can contact Gh Immigration for more details regarding Canada tourist visas. Act now!
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