6th, May 2021

Update to essential workers program and Express Entry thoughts and Covid-19

Well today marks another day of new updates to Immigration Canada. There are 2 issues that are taking place today.

First one is the opening of the application system for the 6 new temporary Immigration Programs under the essential workers program for both English and French speaking and to include essential workers, non-essential qualifying workers resent International Student graduates.

This certainly is a welcome program for many with covid creating so many problems over the last year with country wide layoffs and access to 0, A and B work being extremely hard to come by this will give a broad-based group of Individuals to have an opportunity to apply for permanent resident although limited to 90,000 this will still take care of a very large pool of people.

However, the big gift if for those who are French speaking and plan on settling down in a Province outside of Quebec. This group is unlimited as Canada aggressively promotes our second language trying to hang on to the country wide French Speaking communities. Although this is a limited program and restricted to certain group it is also very welcome.

One of the big surprises of the release of this program is Immigration Canada not allowing support of representatives in the application process opening the door to errors in submissions and rejections for the programs. This will surely capture a financial windfall for the government with incorrect submissions as application fee is not refundable for errors in the application. This does not include the right to PR which will be refundable. It also leaves misrepresentation issues by applicants who do not completely understand what they are doing and submit applications in error with omissions of family members or their own incorrect information.

This will surely cause a huge judicial problem and will wait for the appeals to start. Good luck to all those individuals applying.

Second is that Minister of Immigration Mendocino hinting at the opening of express entry draws beyond the CEC and PNP applications. Since January of 2021 they have focused primarily on these 2 programs with all the processing problem they put their eye on making person within Canada the primary focus and now with the vaccine being distributed and administered everywhere in Canada and the Federal Government has estimated that a vast majority of Canadians will have their first and many the second shot by the end of June 2021 for covid they will then start doing draws for foreign nationals and giving the opportunity to them once again. 

I can see that this will certainly bring the CRS score down significantly to the CEC class but there will certainly be a very large bubble of overseas candidates awaiting the draws and it may take a while for the crs score to come down again but I can imagine by late this year the crs score will become reasonable again and with the surprises that Immigration Canada keep coming up with we may see even larger draws then expected. Until then we will have to wait and see.

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