Standing Committee part 3

1.That Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada issue authorization letters automatically to foreign nationals who have had their confirmation of permanent residence and permanent resident visas expire during the pandemic period, and that the need to renew expired supporting documents be waived for the duration of the pandemic This only makes good sense. All the foreign nationals that are still overseas that received there approval to come to Canada pre-covid have had their confirmations expire and because of this they under the rules of Immigration Canada must get new physicals and police checks prior to reapplying for their authorization letters to be renewed.
This is no fault of theirs and Immigration Canada should grandfather all those affected to have the right to travel post covid without having to go through the process again.

2.That Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada develop programs similar to the Guardian Angel program, especially considering the inclusion of foreign workers who contributed during the COVID-19 pandemic, regardless of status This program was very successful with helping Refugees that are in Canada that risked their lives to help Canadians during the Pandemic.
Canada has come out with other programs but still has missed refugee individuals that worked in all areas outside of health care and were working in support jobs like call centres, take out places etcetera.
Yes most of the persons working in many of these positions were grad students or on work permits.
Many of the refugees who are awaiting decisions or appeals on their cases would also have benefited from this program

3.That, in response to the increasingly dangerous situation in Hong Kong, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada create a five-year post-graduate work permit aimed at Hong Kong foreign nationals who study or have studied in Canada Well considering the idea may be ideal for Hong Kongers, but what about the rest of the other students who are on work permits. Singling out one country does not seem fair and this should be accessible to everyone.

These are just the Standing Committee recommendations that I feel should be addressed and would be most broadly be informative. There are more of them that were recommended to Immigration Canada but these are very important points that should be addressed.

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