Covid-19 and Canada’s outlook in the coming months.

Well, here we are basically 1 plus years since the major breakout of covid-19 and well it certainly has changed the world.

So, what next? Canada has now reach about 70% of the population who has had their 1st shot and about 30% have had both shots. We are now looking at slowly opening the country.

Each one of the provinces have their own plan on how they will open it up and actually that is one of the smartest ways to do this.

Each Provincial Government has the power within their Province and the opening for Ontario will certainly be different then the opening for Manitoba.

The good news is the Federal Government figures we will all be open by mid to late July and they are looking at September to open the border between Canada and the United States.

So, on the Immigration Side this will be awesome and there is no other word that I feel fits better.

International students will be returning in the coming months to start the fall session and this will give a great injection of money back into the Canadian economy.

I know everyone is awaiting the return of Express entry draws going back to including Skilled workers overseas and I still feel this will likely start late June to Mid-July.

It will take a while for the CRS to drop to a reasonable number as well but I figure we will see a CRS in the low 400’s later this year maybe lower depending on how large the draws are. I figure we will see draws continue to be 5000 plus at a time

Many of the other programs will stop and those individuals who were able to get work permits that were here on visitor visa’s their Work permits will expire and they will be able to return home.

If they were able to get a work permit right at the beginning of policy from Immigration Canada, they will likely be able to file for Permanent Residence before they leave or when they return home. They had an opportunity that we never expected

There may likely be a few more Immigration Canada surprises going forward this year, you just never know.

I know the new Municipality program is another long-awaited program that will be very much welcome. It will certainly be interesting on how they will set it up. Will it be very small communities that qualify or will they also have large cities qualifying for it as well. Time will tell.

Covid-19 has changed the world as we see it. Likely much of it will never be the way it was and maybe that’s a good thing. I know personally I have made many more contact with old friends and family then I have in years and that in itself it priceless.

Well let’s see what surprises we have going forward. Cheers and Stay safe.

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