Major Changes to the Temporary Foreign Workers Program for Canada

Canada is concerned about the long-term affect that covid has left on the economy and has made some very significant changes to the LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessments) for foreign workers who are going to come to Canada to fill the job vacancies here.

The Federal Government of Canada has sent down some long-term alterations to the ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) that will come into effect this month.

There are 5 major changes that will affect Immigration decisions going forward.

Let’s look at them.

  1. Labour Market Impact Assessments will now be extended from the current 9 months length to 18 months. This is very significant for those seasonal companies being able to hire for 2 concurrent seasons in a row and not having to reapply for a new LMIA. Also, if seasons are extended because of well ideal weather conditions, Canadian employers will be able to continue employing the Seasonal worker that much longer to meet an immediate demand.
  2. The maximum duration of the high wage position is now going to change from the current 2 years in length to 3 years. This will make it easier for those high wage positions to apply for Permanent Residence and get the additional experience points to meet the Express Entry or Provincial Nomination. Also, will help those individuals who come under Owner Operator Programs as well.
  3. Employers in 7 specific sectors who can demonstrate a labour shortage in their area will be allowed to hire up to 30% of their labour force through the TFWP (temporary foreign worker program) for a year for those low wage positions.
  4. They have removed the maximum guidelines for the number of positions they can employ in the low skill seasonal area.
  5. Currently the ESDC refuses LMIA’s for low-wage occupations in the accommodation and food service and retail sectors. Well, this will change. If the unemployment rate in the area of the application is above 6% this will no longer be the case. This will benefit remote areas and smaller locations within Canada. Places like large cities where finding employees who will help fill vacancies will also benefit.

So, Canada sees a need to look at revamping the TFWP to help with the long-term growth of the economy and help those farmers and production companies meet the long-term needs.

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