2nd, Aug 2022

New measures for foreign nationals with expired or expiring post-graduation work permits and applicants to the temporary resident to permanent resident pathways

For those who have work permits or post grad work permits for Canada the good news has finally come.

Canada is giving those individuals who have work permits that are expiring between Sept 20th 2021 and December 31, 2022 the opportunity to get an extension up to 18 months in duration.

As it says on the Immigration Canada website that Canada does recognize how important it is to the Canadian economy and sees not just the economic benefits but the social and cultural benefits as well.

So, if you fit into the following categories, you will be able to either apply for a new work permit or automatically be sent one.

For those whose work permits expire after October 2, 2022 and December 31, 2022 you don’t need to do anything. You will automatically get an email from Immigration Canada and the only thing you will need if you have a new address is to inform them. Otherwise, they will send you a new work permit at no cost automatically.

You must be sure your passport is valid through April 2024 to get the maximum length out of the new work permit. So, get to it and get your updated passport before it comes to crunch time.

Also, to note is immigration Canada will send you an email and if you need to update your passport or address this will be the time to have it done by. You will get a 2-week window in September on sending the updated information to Immigration Canada.

There are a couple other conditions you may need to know so just click on the link and go through the details on the immigration website

Now. For those who have post grad work permits that expire between September 20,2021 to October 1,2022 you can just apply for a new post grad work permit extension. Even if you have fallen out of status past the 90 days mark you still can qualify. You must however apply for restoration because you do need to have status in Canada while applying for the extension.

So, to expand further on this if you have even departed from Canada under an expired work permit you can still apply and return to Canada.

Starting Aug 8, 2022 persons who PGWP has expired or will expire between the above dates you will receive a email indication that you are allowed to work in the interim.

You must be aware though that you must apply for a new work permit and if your status has expired you have to both restore your status and apply for a new work permit at the same time.

Next is the persons who have applied through the temporary pathway resident program. You too can apply for a work permit while you are waiting for you PR application to be processed. Immigration Canada is quite aware that it is going to be some time before they are able to complete the process for all the applicants who have applied under that program. Many of you should receive and email stating that you will be able to get a new work permit extended to the end of 2024 as long as you have a valid passport to that time.

Just a note if you have a passport that will expire before the end of 2024 you will not receive an email on the extension as you will not qualify for this route but you still can apply for a new work permit the regular route.

So this is great news for all those who have been waiting. If you need any help or clarity please email my office at ghimmigrationsvcs@gmail.com or call or add to whatsapp at +1 204 333 0744.

Best of luck and happy immigration

Gerard Haggett

RCIC 531467

Gh Immigration svcs.

  https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/notices/measures-post-graduation-work-permits-temporary-resident-permanent-resident-pathways.html https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news.html
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