26th, Nov 2021

The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association warned that the new immigration college will not be successful too

This is a press release from the Law Society of Canada. I really do not agree with this statement at all. There are just a many bad eggs in the Law Society as Immigration Consultants.

I personally have come across clients who have asked me to provide them with job letters and will pay me a fee for it. They have mentioned that their last lawyer did it for them.

So I know this practice is not restricted to bad immigration Consultants it is a industry wide problem and my hope is that this will change in the future with the new Council under the CICC.

On November 24, 2021, the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association (CILA) published an article criticizing the newly launched Immigration and Citizenship Consultants of Canada (CICC).

CILA warned that CICC will also fail to protect the vulnerable public as the CSIC and ICCRC did.

Since all consultants under the previous regime will be grand-parented into the CICC, all problems associated with the thousands of immigration consultants engaged in the actual practice of law today will continue.

CILA also announced that the Association continues to advocate for ethical and competent representation.

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