6th, Jan 2024

Study permits for Indian students have decreased, but other applicants compensate

Indian student applications for Canadian study permits have dropped over 40% since July 2023.

From July to October 2023, fewer than 87,000 applications were processed, 60,000 less than the same period in 2022.

ApplyBoard suggests this decline may be due to students sharing their struggles with Canada's high cost of living on social media.

A sentiment analysis of Indian media revealed a fivefold increase in articles about Canadian housing and a rise in negative content from 12% to 30%.

In response, the Canadian government has introduced policies to help residents, including a CAD 12.1 billion Affordability Plan, with measures such as cutting childcare fees and increasing the Old Age Security pension.

Despite the application drop, study permit approvals for Indian students have risen, with 32,000 more approved this year than last. ApplyBoard predicts 200,000 to 210,000 Indian students will be approved to study in Canada in 2023. Interest from other countries has also grown, leading to a more diverse set of applicants.

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