23rd, Apr 2024

Quebec’s Premier Legault considers referendum on immigration powers

Quebec Premier Francois Legault called on Ottawa to consider all options, including a potential referendum, regarding immigration powers.

He criticized the federal government for interfering in provincial matters and stressed Quebecers' concerns about immigration levels.

Legault urged Prime Minister Trudeau to prioritize Quebecers' views in immigration policy discussions. This comes as the federal budget for 2024 is about to be revealed amidst perceived excessive federal intervention in Quebec.

Legault mentioned Quebecers' dissatisfaction with the high number of temporary immigrants, which puts pressure on essential services.

He suggested two possible solutions: reducing immigrant influx or granting more immigration powers to Quebec. In response, Trudeau rejected transferring total powers, emphasizing the need for collaboration.

#Quebec, #Francophone_immigration, #Francois_Legault

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