8th, Aug 2023

New immigrants find jobs more easily than before the pandemic

Newly arrived immigrants are having more difficulty finding jobs in Canada this year compared to 2022.

However, their employment prospects are still better than before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey for July 2023.

The employment rate of recent core-aged immigrants (those who became landed immigrants in the previous five years) was 77.7%, down from 80% in July 2022.

Meanwhile, employment rates for older immigrants have remained steady. Although there was a year-over-year decline, the employment rate of recent core-aged immigrants in July 2023 remained higher than before the pandemic.

Across Canada, the employment rate remained unchanged, and the unemployment rate only increased slightly to 5.5%.

This is due to population growth outpacing employment growth from January to July 2023.

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