5th, Oct 2021

Minorities are more proud of Canada’s treatment of ethnic groups than White people

According to Blacklock's Reporter, immigrants and minorities in Canada have more pride in the country's treatment of ethnic groups than do White people.

Most Black, Asian, and Arab Canadians were proud of the nation's achievements, according to the article. “Immigrant respondents (63%) were more likely than Canadian-born respondents (43%) to be proud of Canada’s treatment of all groups in society,” said a Statistics Canada report titled General Social Survey: Social Identity.

“For immigrants, pride in how Canada treats all groups in society is connected to the time since their arrival in Canada.” By a wide margin, immigrants who arrived in the last five years praised Canada's "fair treatment" of all groups (78%).

According to StatsCan, a large majority of all immigrants, both long-term residents and citizens (68%), were proud of the government's "treatment of all groups in society."

Only 44% of White Canadians expressed pride in Canada's treatment of all categories of people.

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