17th, Jan 2024

Migrant farm workers sue the Federal Government over inaccessible EI contributions

Migrant agricultural workers in Canada contribute to employment insurance (EI) but cannot access it after their contracts end and they return home.

Their contracts are tied to a single employer, limiting their flexibility. A proposed $500-million class action lawsuit is being prepared to challenge these rules.

The case represents workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program and the Temporary Foreign Workers Program-Agricultural Stream over the past 15 years.

The allegations are yet to be proven in court. A 2022 report states that Canada's reliance on these workers has grown, with their numbers increasing by 600% since 2000.

Advocates for migrant workers believe the lawsuit is crucial for securing more rights for them.

#Foreign_workers, #TFWP, #agricultural_workers, #seasonal_workers, #farm_workers

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