4th, Feb 2022

Meeting the minimum language requirement does not guarantee a visa approval

Applying for a permanent residency or a work permit in Canada, applicants must prove their language skills by meeting minimum language requirements.

However, even an applicant meets the requirement, visa officers can reject applications.

The application of an Indian citizen who applied for temporary residence and a work permit as a long-haul truck driver in British Columbia has been denied since the Canadian visa officers have not been convinced that the applicant had the language skills necessary to adequately perform the work.

The applicant had a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and met the language requirement of CLB 4 for the job.

His application has been rejected due to the lower level of reading score (CLB 5) since the officer considered this score was not enough to study and learn the rules of driving in Canada.

#Federal_Court, #LMIA, #language_requirements, #truck_drivers

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