6th, Jan 2024

IRCC announced new measures for people affected by the Israel–Hamas conflict

On December 21, 2023, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced temporary immigration measures supporting family members of Canadians, permanent residents, Israelis, and Palestinians already in Canada.

Effective immediately, fee-exempt work permits are available to foreign national family members of Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents who have left Israel and the Palestinian Territories since the conflict began.

Special measures related to Canadian citizens and permanent residents are introduced. Canada will prioritize processing permanent residence applications for Palestinians within family-based streams.

Before coming to Canada, individuals must meet all admissibility and eligibility requirements.

Canada is actively facilitating the exit of Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and eligible family members, expressing concern over the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

#IRCC, #Gaza, #Israel, #Hamas, #Palestine

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