23rd, Nov 2023

International students in Canada hope for a PGWP extension in 2024

International students in Canada hope for an extension of the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) policy in 2024, given the limited options for permanent residency.

By mid-2023, Canada had approximately 2.2 million temporary residents, with over 1 million holding work permits - which has almost doubled in a year.

The PGWP, typically a one-time issuance, was temporarily extended during the COVID-19 pandemic, with a recent extension granting an additional 18 months for permits expiring by December 2023.

Previously, students relied on the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) category of the Express Entry system for permanent residency, but the absence of CEC-specific rounds has led to heightened competition.

Now, students remain optimistic about a PGWP extension.

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