4th, Aug 2021

International students in Canada become less diverse

Statistics Canada revealed that more and more foreign students come to the country from the same countries. In addition, these students mostly concentrate on particular school programs and provinces that can cause trouble for Canada’s international education sector According to immigration and post-secondary student information data between 2000 and 2019, over nearly two decades, the number of first-time study permit holders almost quadrupled to 250,020. The share of international students from the top 10 countries has increased from 67.9 to 74.9 percent. The number of foreign students from India skyrocketed to 34.4% from just 2.7% 20 years ago which really make the authorities think about the proportional changes. #International_students, #diverse, #India, #Study_permit https://www.bing.com/news/search?q=international+students+in+canada+become+less+diverse&FORM=HDRSC6
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