23rd, Nov 2023

H-1B visa holders seek jobs or start businesses in Canada

Many skilled H-1B visa holders in the US seek work in Canada due to layoffs in the tech sector and stringent immigration rules.

Changes by ex-President Trump made entry into the US harder for these workers, impacting US tech firms but benefiting Canada.

Competition is high, with companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft sponsoring many H-1B applications. Out of over 758,000 eligible applications, only 188,400 were selected. Foreign nationals, at risk of deportation unless they find a new sponsor within 60 days, are considering Canada's Start-Up Visa program.

The SUV program in Canada offers a pathway to permanent residency for entrepreneurs who can secure a significant investment from designated Canadian venture capital funds, angel investor groups, or business incubators.

This has become an attractive option for many tech workers facing uncertainty in the US.

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