25th, Jun 2021

Canadian universities saw a spike in the number of enrolments in Nursing programs

Nurses are in high demand in the country. Canadian educational institutions cannot train students fast enough to fill the available jobs in the healthcare system. The nursing shortage provides opportunities for immigrants to look for well-paid jobs. Canadian universities, on the other hand, face a huge amount of increase in the number of students. The University of British Columbia saw a spike of 31 percent in enrolments to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and interest in the graduate nursing programs doubled. Students also increasingly apply to the nursing programs in Ontario too, were nursing schools saw a 17.5-percent increase in nursing applications. In 2018, Jobbank Canada had already forecasted a shortage of 36,500 nurses before the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic. #Nursing, #international_students, #study_in_Canada
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