3rd, Aug 2021

Canadian employers look for employees in the health care sector

According to Statistics Canada's newly-published job vacancies report, the health care sector has the highest number of open vacancies. For the seventh consecutive month, Canadian employers were actively recruiting positions in the health care sector that had the highest number of job openings in Canada. With about 107,300 open positions in May 2021, nearly one-sixth of all job vacancies were in this sector. Accommodation and food services and retail trade had the second and third-highest number of openings respectively with 78,000 and 73,800 job vacancies. #Health_care_sector, #jobs, #vacancies, #accomodaion_services, #Retail_trade https://www.ziprecruiter.com/post-a-job?tsid=109039897&utm_source=dglem|bing-search|cmp-396007895|adg-1258941324323007|kw-kwd-78684090174126:loc-32|mt-p|device-c|cr-|uid-&utm_medium=cpc&msclkid=6e7248363e3d1fe8da5a293f5d342821
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