28th, Jun 2021

Canadian citizens born outside Canada struggle to pass Canadian citizenship to their children born abroad

Transfer of citizenship to foreign-born Canadians became impossible for Canadian citizens who were born outside Canada. The problem that faces many Canadians nowadays, began in 2009 when the government passed an amendment that prevented Canadian citizens who were themselves not born in Canada from passing on their citizenship to children also not born in Canada. This limited access to naturalized citizenship and privileged Canadians without dual citizenship. In addition, Bill C-24 came into effect in 2015, allowed the government to strip dual-citizen Canadians of their nationality should they be found guilty of terrorism, fraud, treason, or serving in a foreign army. The act has not been applied to citizens born in Canada. Critics call the government to change this legislation. #Citizenship, #Bill_C_24   https://www.cic.gc.ca/English/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=365&top=5 https://www.ghimmigrationsvcs.ca/federal-and-provincial-programs/family-sponsorship/
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