16th, Aug 2021

Canada is going to the polls

Well the honorable Justin Trudeau has called a federal election for Canada. September 20th Canadians will go to the polls and elect a new government. The liberals are hoping that their performance over the covid-19 pandemic will lead to a majority Liberal government. In Canada to get a majority government they need more then 50% of the seats in the house. What does this mean for Immigration is the big question. There is  no secret that the liberal government is very friendly to immigration and has proven that over the last 2 years by increasing the numbers of targets from just over 200,000 applicants per year to well over 400,000 applicants per year. The Progressive Conservatives know that Canada does need immigration  but are exactly as it is in their name. Conservative!! They will likely roll back the numbers if elected because they feel the numbers are to aggressive that the Liberals are using for growth for Canada. The one thing that the PC's did is they were the party to come up with the Express Entry system for skill and highly educated workers overseas. The likely hood of a NDP is very unlikely as the majority of Canadians do not agree with the platform they stand for. https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/federal-election-2021 https://www.bing.com/news/search?q=Canada+Election+2021&qpvt=canada+election+2021&FORM=EWRE  
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