6th, Feb 2024

Canada aims to boost immigration among healthcare specialists

Despite being a significant part of the healthcare workforce, International Medical Graduates (IMGs) encounter barriers, such as limited residency spots and preferences for graduates from domestic medical schools.

The struggle for IMGs to secure medical residencies contributes to the country's shortage of primary care doctors. Government data reveals that immigrants comprise a substantial portion of healthcare workers in various professions, including 36% of physicians.

However, the challenge lies in integrating foreign-trained doctors into the Canadian healthcare system. Canada is addressing this issue by investing in foreign credential recognition.

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has committed up to $86 million in funding to 15 organizations across the country.

This initiative aims to increase the recognition of international credentials for approximately 6,600 highly skilled health professionals, ensuring their proper integration into the Canadian healthcare landscape.

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