10th, Feb 2024

Businesses are protesting against Ottawa’s move to reduce reliance on inexpensive foreign labour in Canada

Immigration Minister Marc Miller has already implemented a 35% cut in foreign student visas and is considering further changes, including restricting off-campus work hours and reviewing the temporary foreign worker program.

The minister acknowledges the economic benefits of temporary workers but is concerned about rising housing costs and public discontent.

Miller is grappling with balancing economic needs and maintaining a structured immigration system, acknowledging the necessity for a broader discussion on labour cost management.

The tightening of rules on students and potential changes to off-campus work hours are part of the government's effort to address the challenges posed by a surge in temporary newcomers contributing to labour force gaps but impacting housing affordability.

The minister is working with the Employment Minister to review the temporary foreign worker program, aiming to address abuse concerns in lower-wage sectors while being mindful of potential consequences for businesses and the economy.

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