5th, May 2021

Asian immigration to Canada

On May 4, 2021, Minister Mendicino issued a statement to mark Asian Heritage Month. He mentioned Asian Canadians’ incredible contributions to society, and their achievements in building Canada, as well as their success in the face of adversity and discrimination. He also stated that ‘today, nearly 20% of Canadians are of Asian descent, and Asian communities are among the fastest-growing in Canada.’ In 2020, Asian countries dominated in the field of immigration to Canada. The biggest number of new immigrants in 2020 came from India, reaching 42,875 (23.3%), followed by China with 16,550 (9%) and the Philippines with 10,970 (5.9%) immigrants. In addition, according to the final data for 2020 by IRCC, India and China supplied more than half of all international students to Canada (54.2%) in the previous year. According to Statistics Canada, by 2036, Asian immigrants are expected to account for the main component of Canadian immigrants (58%), while European immigrants are expected to fall to 15%-18%. #international_students, #demography, #immigration_levels, #PR_admission, #PR, #IRCC
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