8th, Jun 2023

Alberta offers a high number of vacancies for truck drivers

Alberta currently has the second-highest number of job vacancies for truckers in Canada, making it an attractive opportunity for foreign nationals seeking work in the country.

As of late May, there were 802 trucking jobs listed on the Job Bank website in Alberta, with many employers seeking to fill multiple positions.

Edmonton and Calgary-based employers offered most of these jobs, with 446 vacancies in Edmonton and 269 in Calgary. Together, these two cities accounted for 89.1% of all open trucking jobs in Alberta at the time.

The median hourly wage for trucking jobs in Alberta is $28, ranging from $18.12 to $37.45 per hour, with the potential to earn more through bonuses.

Both the federal and provincial governments are aiding transportation companies in hiring qualified foreign workers for these jobs through immigration policies.

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