26th, Oct 2021

The survey revealed racist workplace behaviour at IRCC

A public opinion research company Pollara Strategic Insights introduced a 20-page document, a report examining workplace racism at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

According to the outcome of the survey, there were repeated instances of employees and supervisors using offensive terms with their racialized colleagues.

Racialized IRCC employees told that they were marginalized in the workplace —

kept in precarious temporary contract positions disproportionately and for a long time which prevented them from advocating for their rights to promotion or from speaking out against racist incidents.

this report comes out at a time when Borders officers in the US have been fired for racist remarks and behavior on facebook. Link below. This shows how personal bias is reflected in the decisions that Immigration North and South of the border are determined through personal bias not professional.

#IRCC, #racism, #Pollara, #racialized_employees





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