24th, Dec 2021

The most in-demand jobs in Saskatchewan

Like other Canadian provinces, Saskatchewan is also facing severe labour shortages.

The Hard-To-Fill Skills Pilot launched last month will allow employers to recruit workers from abroad into select jobs that have significant recruitment challenges in the province.

Below indicated occupations are the most in-demand jobs that Saskatchewan struggles to fill: 1. NOC 3012 Nurses 2. NOC 7514 Delivery and Courier Service Drivers 3. NOC 3111 & 3112 Physicians and Specialists 4. NOC 6322 Cooks 5. NOC 6513 Food and Beverage Servers 6. NOC 6421 Retail Sales Associates 7. NOC 7511 Transport Truck Drivers 8. NOC 8431 & 8611 Farm and Harvesting Workers 9. NOC 8231 Underground Production and Development Miners 10. NOC 9619 Labourers in Processing, Manufacturing, and Utilities #Saskatchewan, #SINP, #In_demand_occupations


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