28th, Apr 2021

The impact of the Federal budget on immigration policies

The 2021 budget references the new immigration programs launched by IRCC, providing accelerated PR pathways to essential workers and international graduates this year. Also, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) will be enhanced, since the budget calls for some $110 million in additional spending over the next three years on TFWP, supporting vulnerable foreign workers, increasing inspections of employers, and providing open work permits to workers abused by their employers. Moreover, with the investment of nearly $430 million in IT infrastructure modernization, the government will improve application processing. The budget proposes as well $15 million in spending over the next two years to support racialized newcomer women, to develop their language skills, help them to gain Canadian experience, and afford childcare. #IRCC, #TFWP, #budget, #immigration
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