20th, May 2022

Canadian MP will propose a new bill to the Government to support parents and grandparents

Kyle Seeback, a Canadian Member of Parliament (MP), is proposing a new bill to assist parents and grandparents who want to travel to Canada via the Super Visa. Currently, parents and

grandparents of Canadians can visit for two years in a row without having to renew their status. Seeback proposed Bill C-242 focusing on three major changes to the Super Visa. First, the MP

called for the Government to allow parents and grandparents to stay in Canada for five years without having to renew their visas. Second, he wants the Super Visa applicants to be allowed to

acquire medical insurance from other countries too. Third, he asks the Government to diminish the low-income cut-off for applicants wishing to host their parents and grandparents.

#Seeback, #Super_Visa, #parents_and_grandparents, #MP


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