9th, Nov 2021

7 Documents You Need for Super Visa Canada to Bring Your Parents with You

Are you planning to relocate to Canada? Have you done your visa? Now, do you want to bring your parents to the country to stay together for a couple of years? Apply for the super visa Canada to get the opportunity now. Super Visa is a special kind of multi-entry visa that is typically applied to parents and grandparents. With this sort of visa, multiple entries are permitted for a period of up to ten years. Holders can live in Canada for up to 2 years without having to renew their visas. The individuals having super visas are temporary citizens of Canada. They have no right to stay permanently in the country until and unless the child/grandchild (must be a Canadian permanent resident) sponsors them for permanent residency.  

What Are the Important Documents to Carry for Canadian Super Visa?

  Your parents/grandparents must have some essential documents to apply for a super visa Canada. Such as:

IMM5257 Form Fill Up

IMM5257 is a special form for immigrants who are going to visit and temporarily stay in Canada. The immigrants are required to fill up and submit the form with relevant information from outside of Canada.

Visit Purpose of Immigrants

Immigrants need to show accurate and valid travel purposes to Canada. This rule is not only applicable for Canada but also applies in more or less every country worldwide. Having valid reasons offer clarity, i.e., why you a foreigner want to visit a new country. Not only that it also assures that the immigrants will return to their country or not.

Invitation Letter

Letter of invitation is one of the primary documents required for a super visa. If you are a Canadian citizen, you need to offer an invitation letter to your parents or grandparents, or children to bring them to your house.

Evidence of Income Statement and Employment Statement

You need to show proof of your family’s income statement or employment statement. It is required because it guarantees that your family will return to their country after spending a few years with you. A minimum of $17,000 is required to have you and your parents/grandparents account jointly for being eligible to obtain a super visa in Canada.

Qualification Certificate of Immigration Medical Exam

The candidates who require a super visa must be qualified for the immigration medical exam. This exam incorporates blood tests, physical tests, Chest X-rays, and Urine tests.  

Medical Insurance from a Canadian Firm

The foreigners i.e., your parent, grandparents, and children require a medical insurance document, which must be issued from any insurance firm of Canada. On the other hand, the medical insurance document should be valid for a minimum of one year. Besides this, it should comprise a minimum of one lakh dollar coverage.

Date of Leave

As Canada is renowned for being a top immigration-friendly country, citizens from outside Canada, always look for opportunities to relocate to the nation permanently. So, when you bring your family to Canada, you must take the matter into account that they should have a date of leaving Canada and back to their nation. Having the date of leaving ensures that your parents/grandparents will return to their hometown.   In the upshot, those are the primary, common, and extremely important documents you must have or need to make ready when deciding for applying for a Super visa Canada. Gh Immigration is a popular firm in Canada, that proudly provides Canadian Super Visa at affordable prices. If you are planning for preparing such a visa, accumulate all the mentioned details above and contact Gh Immigration. Act now!
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