So. You want to do your own application for Immigration Canada     

So. You want to do your own application for Immigration Canada     

            Well, as a professional immigration consultant here in Canada I deal with phone calls from people everyday wanting to know information to complete an application for one of the many immigration Canada programs available.

From, visitor visa’s, work permits, spousal applications, LMIA applications, TRP’s, Study permits, Study permit extensions, bridging work permits etc and the list goes on and on.

Immigration Canada gives false security on how simple these applications are. I had a gentleman call me today and this is why I decided to do this blog.

Here is his situation. He has done 2 previous applications for visitor visa for his mother overseas to come visit him while he was on a study permit and then on a work permit after his studies were complete.

Both applications were denied. Now he has a good job and has a financial background that would allow him to apply for a super visa for his mom.

So, what do you think he is doing? Well instead of hiring someone to do a super visa for him so he has a better chance of success since he has had 2 failed applications in the past, he is going to save himself the fee charged to him for a service for a professional and do it again himself. Not a smart move.

He is not only dealing with the super visa he wants to submit now he also has to deal with the 2-visitor visa’s he had in the past.

If an applicant has a refusal in the past the reasons for the refusal need to be addressed in the new application. Likely he missed something or thinks that they will understand what he means when he leaves out a piece of information for the new application.

Well, it doesn’t work that way. You as an applicant must give all the information and sell your story to a Canada Immigration Official. When they look through your application you have to make sure they are convinced you have and will honor your word when you are coming to Canada.

Today’s Immigration officer does not have the time to contact you on a minor detail which could make the difference between an approval and rejection of your application for Visa, PR or any of the other Canadian Immigration Applications.

The fact is not even as an Immigration Consultant I can guarantee success on an application but covering all the bases to give a client the best opportunity to get a successful application is what we/I do.

Everything about an application is about the details. I don’t pretend to be a doctor and if I cut my hand open, I would not get myself a needle and tread and sew myself up. Not that I probably couldn’t because all I need is a needle and thread, right? Wrong. What about the chance of infection? Small detail that you might not consider when you are putting in that last stitch but looking down the road it could be the difference between a hospital visit and an amputation.

So, my point in the blog is and this question should be what you consider.

Do I truly have the knowledge to do this application and expect that I will certainly get an approval from Immigration Canada or is it worth my time and effort just to pay someone to give me a better chance.

Remember Driving a car and being a race Car driver are to very different things even if you know how to drive a car.

No Immigration Lawyer or Immigration Consultant can guarantee you a successful application but we certainly know all the bases to cover when we are completing a application for a client.

Your worry should not be getting the approval for the application you are going to submit.

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