• What if I find out about these people who say they are consultants and truly are not registered, what should I do ?
  • How do I know if they are legitimate ?
  • What about the fees I pay to a consultant. What happens do I get a refund if I don’t get accepted into a program ?
  • Is it better to use a online service or a in person consultant ?
  • I know someone who is not registered but can do my immigration application for cheaper than a immigration consultant, should I take advantage of it ?
  • My friend said I don’t need to submit the fact that I just had a baby or just am newly married because it will delay may application for maybe two years or more they were told by someone who has gone through it.
  • Do you need to hire a immigration consultant?

Well first off do not deal with them. Second you can report them to the ICCRC. They will usually be fakes and will or may steal you money. The ICCRC has means to stop these ghost consultants as they are called. You don’t want your money or anyone else taken.

Well there are a few things to look for. Do they have the ICCRC logo on their website or in their office. They must. If you go to the ICCRC website and look up their name does it come up? Does the email address match theirs? If you are unsure always email the consultant through there email address from the ICCRC website it is the best way to ensure they are legitimate.

I am sorry but that doesn’t happen. The fees you pay are for services that they consultant is doing for you and has completed. It is illegal for him to promise you that he or she will refund your payment if you are not accepted.

Well that can be a personal choice but remember if you have any doubts if the consultant is not legitimate check the iccrc web site for their name to ensure you are working with a registered representative and never be afraid to ask for proof. Immigration consultants do have agents that they work with from other countries. If in doubt email the consultant or firm directly and ask if the agent is affiliated with them to be safe.

Well this is definitely a no. You have absolutely no protection from unscrupulous people who will steal you hard earned money and never give you any results. Registered immigration consultants are here to protect the public from these type of people. Fees vary from consultant to consultant so always shop around it doesn’t hurt.

Never get second hand information. You should always put in new information and accurate information to immigration Canada. You do not want to take the risk of refusal for simple additions and never want to be in the position that a loved one will never be able to come to Canada because of bad advice.

No you don’t. The one of the key advantages of hiring a immigration consultant is having the best possible chance of you application being accepted. Immigration Consultants are educated continuously to ensure they know all the new changes to the system and any new updates like regulatory changes or new programs.