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Well it is almost here. The final phases of my immigration for Canada app is almost complete. When I decide to do this undertaking I came into a few dilemmas'.

Well first and foremost was the expense. As I write this we are still very much into the middle of this pandemic and it certainly has affected our life and business in a degree never expected. This will change everything we do in life now and going forward.

Anyway the second dilemma I had to decide was well do I make a android app or a IOS (apple) app. I just couldn't figure which would be the best. I myself am a android user and immigration is searched by both individuals apple and android. 

So, considering immigration to Canada is  searched by everyone from all countries I first decided that Android is the best one to use for my immigration app. Once I chose a company to make the Immigration app for Canada I discussed it with them and I was right Android is the most downloaded and used phone. 

However, it's only a small margin. So anyway after some consideration I was convinced to do both. Wow! what a huge choice. So both will be released in the coming weeks

This will be the most advanced Canada Immigration app available. Why I really don't totally understand the background but it will give me so many options for people who require or ask for things I never thought of. 

This will be the new standard and I am totally excited for this. 

So, in the coming weeks it will be here. 

This is what to look for in your playstore