How New Programs in The Immigration Industry Could Help You

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Canadian Immigration Consultant

With the availability of new immigration programs getting introduced under the provincial government, the options for individuals to come to Canada has expanded again. It has created fresh opportunities, but in a completely different avenue to the usual routes.

Changes to the non-disclosed family member rule have given hope to people who otherwise would never have been able to reunite with a loved one. The latest provincial schemes like the Rural Pilot Program, have also opened up exciting choices.

Rural programs give applicants access to employers, as businesses fill vacancies in smaller communities by working with Immigration Canada to find suitable persons to come and work with them.

It gives great hope and benefit to individuals who don’t have a university degree, as they can still apply to immigrate to Canada under this program if they have a relevant trade and experience.

However, it takes time to process files, and so people become impatient. Also, the acceptance of the business community is slow, and they don’t want to wait for six months to a year to fill up jobs.

Despite the challenges, applicants must be aware that past refusals will not stop them from having a successful application in the future unless they were denied for a health or security reason. So applying once again could lead to prosperity.

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